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AFRS Leadership

  • Over 300 certifications from homeland security and public safety entities

  • Training spans topics related to: drone operations, counter drone operations, medical drone operations, hazmat, NCBRT, SAR, logistics and emergency management

  • Leadership leverages their knowledge to create internal policy and training needs

Uniform Training

  • AFRS provides universal training for all internal Fire Pilots

  • Our SOPs and Regulations are based from regulatory guidelines and public safety knowledge

  • Internal training promotes a uniform experience for all consumers of AFRS

AFRS Fire Pilots

  • OH-Fire1/2, FEMA, and FAA  certifications/licenses

  • FAA night operations certification

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations certification

  • Internal training related to unmanned vehicle operation, safety, and tactics


Internal Department Drone Programs

  • May cost upwards of 50,000 dollars a year when cost of drone and employment benefits are calculated

  • Agency may bear the full burden of regulatory fines from the FAA

  • Maintenance of unmanned vehicles and response vehicles are additional costs

  • Agency insurance many not cover unmanned vehicles

  • Pilot response time may be delayed due to minimum pilots trained or illness/vacation

AFRS Savings

  • We handle the staffing challenges (life insurance, LOD benefits, scheduling, etc)

  • We bear the burden of regulatory violations

  • We handle the cost of public safety vehicle maintenance, fuel, and unmanned vehicle maintenance

  • We handle the tech costs (cloud storage, live streams, data connections, etc)

  • Put simply... Sign a contract and call when you need us.  AFRS handles the heavy lifting of providing emergency drone operations

Population based pricing

  • We use population based pricing models

  • Every Ohio community should be able to compliment their citizenry with this enhanced level of public safety

  • Communities like East Palestine and other small villages should not go without this technology​


Our department has qualified immunity?   What do you mean fines?

  • Your qualified immunity does not extend to federal regulatory bodies

  • The FAA has issued stiff fines in the past

  • Violating FAA rules or laws could result in political pressure to shut down your drone program

  • Your community deserves this modern technology

FAA Video Meetings

  • AFRS has met with the FAA and utilized their wisdom to create our SOPs and internal regulations

  • We stay up to date on changes regarding operation of unmanned aircraft

Third Parties

  • AFRS maintains agreements with authorized third parties of FAA data

  • These data feeds allow us to instantly see flight restricted areas in near real time

  • These data feeds help us mitigate risk


Is your department covered?

  • Your department insurance may not cover unmanned vehicle injuries or property damage

  • Finding out after the fact can be costly and result in the termination of your drone program

  • The public may suffer from the loss of your drone program

AFRS Specializes in Emergency Robotics

  • Our insurance specifically covers public safety drone operation

  • We carry over 3 million in coverage

  • Our insurance covers both air and underwater unmanned operations

  • AFRS legislative immunity covers fire, search, rescue operations


Our Goal

  • Multi zone coverage aids in response times.

  • For life safety needs AFRS can utilize public safety response
    **NOTE:  Coverage times vary due to traffic and unforeseen obstructions.  Due regarding and response safety is paramount to response time.

Our Launch Times

  • When on scene and committed to launch, we strive for < 2 minute launch times (including boot up times, aircraft inspection, FAA authorization, and establishing launch zone safety)

  • We inspect our equipment at each shift change to lessen technical surprises on scene


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