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AFRS utilizes certified FIRE/FAA Pilots to augment your existing team.   Our offerings include:


All AFRS Pilots are FIRE/FAA Pilots with FEMA certification in NIMS.   This allows us to easily integrate with government and private sector incident command structures.


  • $16,000 dollar unmanned aircraft

  • 200X daylight zoom

  • 1280 ×1024 enhanced thermal imaging for night/day operations

  • Winds up to 40 MPH

  • Below freezing operations

  • Rain & snow operations

  • Emergency controlled landing

  • Live steam of your incident direct to your command center or leadership (Firstnet)

  • Radio identification (meets upcoming FAA requirements (RemoteID))

  • FAA compliant night operations

  • Endless flight cycle battery abilities (we can stay airborne with brief battery swaps)  constantly

  • Special FAA authorization for life safety related matters


  • HD imaging (4K)

  • Up to 100m depth (compliant with every body of water in Ohio - Including Lake Erie)

  • Motorized claw/hook for object retrieval


  • We provide certified pilots, drone, insurance, and regulatory compliance

  • We provide services for a fraction of the cost of starting your own drone program

  • We take care of scheduling, equipment, regulatory compliance, insurance, etc

  • We service both government and private sectors for fire ground safety, fire detection, search/rescue, and industrial/agriculture needs related to our national infrastructure

Learn more about common questions we are asked by clicking here.

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