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Image by Patty Brito


While AFRS primarily focuses on emergency response, we also dedicate our downtime to supporting the community through various public outreach programs within our coverage areas.


Whether it's locating a lost pet, helping find missing livestock, or capturing aerial photos of family farms, we're more than willing to leverage our skills and equipment for community assistance.

It's important to note that we do not charge for these services; they are made possible through the generous recurring contributions from our community.


Pet Rescues

Our advanced thermal imaging and spotlight equipped drones can make short work out of finding a lost animal.   If you have lost your furry loved one within our coverage area, simply call 614-642-4900 and select option 2 for administration and we will have one of our firefighter drone pilots head your way.

NOTE:  Our sensors work best on quad animals greater than 15lbs.   Therefore our services are not suitable for birds, cats, reptiles, and other pets.



Farmers and ranchers are integral components of our national infrastructure, crucial for ensuring food safety and production. As part of our public outreach efforts, we provide services including:

  • Livestock temperature scans

  • 2D/3D Mapping helps locating runoff and erosion concerns

  • Field obstacle detection helps avoid equipment damage


Recognizing the significance of preparing the next generation of fire pilots, we are delighted to arrange school presentations. These sessions offer insights into the life of a fire pilot, as well as the essential training and licensing prerequisites.

Meet & Greets

We are pleased to organize meet-and-greet events at various businesses and gatherings. These occasions provide the public with a fantastic opportunity to witness our impressive safety technology in action and get to know the individuals behind the drone operations.

Firefighter PTSD

Our team members bring invaluable firsthand experience from their roles as first responders on the front lines. In cases where a firefighter needs to take a step back due to PTSD, we provide training to enable them to contribute to AFRS.

This empowers certified firefighters to continue serving their community, albeit from a remote role, as opposed to front-line interactions with emergency scenes.


Your recurring gift of just $5.00 a month helps keep these programs alive.     Donate today and make a difference in someone's life.

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