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Public Demonstration


Disclosures / Transparency

AFRS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization officially incorporated as a fire, search, and rescue entity under ORC 9.60, serving both municipalities and unincorporated areas of Ohio. We operate as a volunteer fire department, employing certified firefighters who solely operate emergency robotics.

We function as a secondary response organization, with our team of certified firefighters complementing existing agencies or teams within Ohio by providing streamlined emergency robotic services.

In addition to our emergency services, we are committed to advancing scientific discovery in the field of public safety and offering educational services to the workforce.

AFRS is legally authorized to deliver emergency robotic services to Federal, State, County, and Local municipalities, as well as unincorporated regions of Ohio. We also extend our services to NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) directly linked to our National Infrastructure.

We take immense pride in our public outreach programs designed to meet the needs of the community, business owners, and agricultural resources.

In our commitment to transparency and openness, we make the following documents available for public inspection:

  • IRS Filings 

  • How much a municipality pays us with tax dollars

  • Administrative compensation where applicable

To view our public records - Please click HERE.

Information that is NOT public and would be considered PRIVATE would be:

  • Scientific Discovery or Trade Secrets

  • Sensitive information about our staff/members

  • Video content of scenes (this would be requested from the gov resource who contracted us pursuant to ORC 149.43)

  • Dispatch Information (this would be requested from the gov resource who contracted us pursuant to ORC 149.43)

  • Flight data, deployment areas, or other air/submersible operations

  • Our staging or operating areas or the equipment we utilize

  • Any information that may create a danger or risk to our operators or scene operations


Who owns AFRS?

AFRS is a 501c3 (public charity) non-profit corporation formed in Ohio and authorized to conduct business by the Ohio Secretary of State.​

AFRS was founded by Federal, State, and regional officials who saw a need for advanced unmanned emergency robotic services within Ohio.

The founders of AFRS took their years of public safety knowledge and their unmanned vehicle training to create a low cost shared service that compliments existing municipal safety offerings.

AFRS knew it was important to represent all aspects of the public safety spectrum.   They maintain this level of commitment by requiring board members to to be certified or retired firefighters, EMS, peace officers, military, or members of our national infrastructure (utilities, rail, logistics, etc).   

The diverse collection of skills and industry wisdom allows our board to make informed decisions regarding the operation of AFRS and our offerings to the public.


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