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Winter Flights


Many people have asked if we can fly our public safety drones in the winter... And the answer is YES (with a couple conditions listed below)

Unlike consumer grade drones - AFRS public safety grade aircraft CAN operate in freezing temperatures. Our high end drones have heated batteries and our props have been shown to resist ice buildup.

Our hardware limit is rated to sub zero temps - But for the safety of our human pilots - We allow them to make the decision of when cold is too cold for safe operations.


FAA Visibility & Safety When visibility drops below 3 miles - We have to process a few procedural items through the FAA. Ultimately the decision for a safe flight will be up to them and our pilot.

Pilot Discretion

The RPIC in control of our aircraft has all legal authority for the safe operation of such. If they decide it's unsafe to fly due to human conditions or ice buildup on the aircraft... Then the pilot has all authority to stop operations.


AFRS provides shared emergency drone services in Ohio. We are a nonprofit fire/search/rescue organization authorized to provide services to Federal/State/Local agencies.

We are powered by the recurring generosity of the community. Swing by our website and click "Donate" to help us save others.

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