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Water Rescue Test Results


Cowan Lake Marina

Taylor's South Shore Marina

Wilmington, OH


AFRS gathered tow data today using 700lbs.

During the test, AFRS concluded the following data based on real world testing.

AFRS maximum rescue distance from shore is 656 feet (200 meters)

AFRS could deploy flotation devices and rescue objects of 150lbs and successfully bring that item to shore in approximately 3 (three) minutes.

Higher weights of up to 700lbs could be brought to shore in approximately 6 minutes.

Data was collected by towing approximately 700 lbs (John boat and extra weight) across the entire width of the lake.

AFRS is thankful to the South Shore Marina for donating the use of the boat and flotation devices.

We look forward to providing our emergency water robotic services to municipalities. We are hopeful that these services will expedite nighttime and winter rescue situations.

AFRS is incorporated as a private fire company and is registered as a 501c3.

Your dollar matters.

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