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TireDiscounters Rescues AFRS Firefighters


Adams County, Ohio

Highland County, Ohio

In the wake of recent storms striking Adams County, Ohio, the swift response from AFRS.US has once again underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in emergency response. AFRS's utilization of cutting-edge unmanned air technology, in conjunction with the timely support from corporate partners like Tire Discounters, exemplifies a unified approach to community safety.

When severe weather conditions tore through a neighboring county, AFRS seamlessly coordinated with Federal authorities to secure flight clearance and dispatched two thermal imaging drones to the affected area. These drones, piloted by dedicated firefighter personnel skilled in thermal search and rescue operations, played a crucial role in providing support to ground teams.

Our mission at AFRS is clear: to provide shared emergency robotic response services to rural communities across Ohio, allowing them to avoid the regulatory complexities, technology woes, and high cost normally associated with operating a silo-based drone program.

The success of AFRS's mission owes much to the unwavering support of both local communities and corporate sponsors. In particular, Tire Discounters emerged as a hero in its own right, demonstrating remarkable responsiveness and dedication to AFRS's cause. When one of AFRS's vehicles incurred damage during the storm, Tire Discounters swiftly stepped in to provide essential repairs, ensuring that our equipment and skilled staff were ready to roll.

Within a mere 15 minutes, the skilled team at Tire Discounters assessed the damage, executed necessary repairs, and had us back on the road. Their commitment to corporate responsibility and community welfare aligns seamlessly with our own values, and we are immensely grateful for their steadfast support.

The significance of such partnerships cannot be overstated, particularly given the critical role that specialized technology plays in AFRS's operations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, AFRS vehicles serve as vital electronic resources for our firefighter pilots, facilitating coordination with other agencies, keeping our equipment powered, and serving as a data relay point powered by FirstNet public safety technology. Where our vehicles allow us to relay vital data to stakeholders throughout the world.

Without access to our specialized tech within our vehicles, our mission would undoubtedly face significant obstacles. Tire Discounters' support not only ensures the safety and efficacy of our operations but also reinforces their dedication to safeguarding our communities.

The AFRS team extends its deepest gratitude to Tire Discounters and all those who contribute to the collective effort of safeguarding communities in Ohio. If your business would like to support our mission of safeguarding communities, please reach out to us at ==== AFRS.US is a fire/search/rescue organization operating under ORC 9.60 and is also a registered FEMA disaster services provider. We operate as a 501c3 public charity that utilizes certified firefighters who are cross licensed as FAA pilots to provide shared emergency robotic services in Ohio.

Your recurring support is vital to our success! Tax deductible contributions can be made online at

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