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SAR Training

Updated: Jul 16, 2023


AFRS conducted SAR training today with a 1/2 mile area. Whereabouts of human targets were unknown.

AFRS successfully located all targets using a combination of visual and thermal imaging.

Targets were located within 30 minutes of launch.

AFRS unmanned aircraft carry a visual payload of 16x optical with 200x digital zoom capabilities. While the thermal imaging is 640x512 with enhanced thermal imaging up to 1024 resolution.

AFRS also had the opportunity to perform some public outreach and showcase our hardware to members of the community.


If your community is contemplating starting a drone program... AFRS can simply do it for you without all the hassle and cost.

Have your community leadership contact us at 614-642-4900 to schedule a demonstration of our capabilities.

AFRS is a 501c3 volunteer fire/ rescue organization incorporated in Ohio. We augment your existing public safety team with advanced emergency robotic services.

We welcome community support at

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