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Radio Tech Breakthrough!

01/26/2024 Wilmington, OH

In addition to delivering shared emergency robotic services to the government, AFRS is committed, by our bylaws, to advancing scientific discovery in the realm of public safety.

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development in our remote dispatcher tools. We have equipped them with the capability to tap into live public safety radio data specific to the exact location where they are dispatching our firefighter drone pilots.

Having positioned AFRS to leverage cloud-based services for dispatchers, this innovative technology now empowers our out-of-state dispatchers to stay informed about on-the-ground situations without the need to memorize which agencies cover specific street addresses.

In simple terms, our dispatchers can now input a street address or coordinates and listen to live and historical radio data related to the location where our firefighter drone pilots are deployed. Whether involving state, county, or local resources, they will have seamless access to critical information.

This real-world, on-the-ground intel enables dispatchers to update our pilots through our nationwide public safety Push-To-Talk (PTT) network and data connections. This enhancement not only improves field safety but also ensures they receive vital information that may have been overlooked in the initial electronic CAD dispatch or telephone call from the requesting agency.

We are enthusiastic about this discovery and plan to integrate it into our CAD system in the coming months!


AFRS is a nonprofit fire/search/rescue organization offering shared emergency robotic response services to government agencies in Ohio. Our operations are sustained primarily through the support of the general public and corporate sponsors who play a crucial role in our success.

Your monthly contributions and corporate sponsorships contribute significantly to our continued success! Please consider making a donation today by visiting Your support is invaluable.

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