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FDNY - Robotic Dogs

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

06/02/2023 - Wilmington, OH

While nothing will replace the dedication and commitment of living canines... Robotic dogs have their place in the field of fire, search, and rescue.

AFRS has entered initial discussions with a manufacturer of robotic dogs.

We are hopeful this amazing technology will allow us to fill the gaps where our air based drones can not reach.

This will allow AFRS to deploy robots in harsh environments and difficult terrain.

Tools such as this will allow us to deliver life saving resources to persons in difficult to reach locations and navigate unsafe environments for first responders.

The live video feeds and audio capabilities will give incident command staff the ability to communicate with persons inside the incident scene where humans can't go quickly.

AFRS is excited to learn more about this new technology and how we can leverage these amazing tools to enhance our public safety offerings.

Below is a great example of how FDNY is using robotic dogs to enhance their public safety offerings.

AFRS is a 501c3 public charity that provides emergency robotic services to municipalities in Ohio.

AFRS shared emergency robotic services allow many communities to benefit from shared resources VS each community starting their own drone program.

Your recurring donations helps fund amazing technology such as this.

You can sign up for recurring donations today at

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