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Car-in-Pond Emergency


In a recent incident involving a car into a pond, multiple emergency response teams, including AFRS.US, collaborated to address a challenging situation. This event not only highlighted the dedication of various emergency responders but also showcased the strength of community bonds.

Despite the scene's challenges, diverse teams with various skillsets worked diligently to address the situation. Their coordinated efforts exemplified a shared determination to overcome obstacles and achieve a swift resolution. It was truly remarkable to witness the collaborative spirit as each team played a crucial role in the successful mission.

This incident is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our community and neighbors. The collective effort, resilience, and teamwork demonstrated by all the responding teams underscore the ethos of going above and beyond for the safety and well-being of our community.


AFRS certified firefighters are FAA licensed pilots that operate public safety grade drones as a shared service in Ohio. Where our current coverage area includes over 1/2 million Ohio residents.

AFRS is authorized to provide emergency services to FEMA as well as any Ohio government agency. -- If your Ohio community would like to realize the benefits of a professional drone program without all the hassle of operating your own program... Please have your leadership staff contact us at 614-642-4900 (option 2).

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