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AFRS & Teltonika

Updated: Jul 16, 2023


AFRS selects Teltonika for Enhanced Field Operations

In the world of emergency services and disaster response, reliable data communications are crucial for AFRS to effectively carry out its mission. After conducting extensive field evaluations, it became clear that traditional LTE equipment fell short of meeting our specific needs for success.

Recognizing the importance of finding a suitable vendor, AFRS carefully considered various options to support our mission. Among the contenders, Teltonika stood out by promptly responding to our inquiries and addressing all our questions in record time.

During the evaluation process, Teltonika's exceptional customer service became a standout feature compared to other vendors we were assessing. Their commitment to providing top-notch support was instrumental in making the decision of who to partner with an easy one for AFRS.

By selecting Teltonika, we are confident that we have equipped ourselves with the necessary tools and support to enhance our field operations. With their reliable and tailored solutions, AFRS can now effectively bridge the communication gap in challenging environments.


AFRS is a 501c3 public charity that operates as a fire/search/rescue organization.

AFRS utilizes certified firefighters to operate public safety drones across portions of Ohio.

AFRS goal is to bring this amazing technology to all rural communities who could not otherwise afford this type of technology.

The success of AFRS is directly linked to the kindness and support of the general public. Please consider setting up recurring donations of $5, $10, $20 dollars a month by visiting SUPPORT.AFRS.US

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