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The Homeless Dog


Clermont County, Ohio

AFRS had the privilege of supporting the incredible team at the Clermont County Animal Shelter in their search for Emmett.

Emmett, currently available for adoption, made a daring escape from his foster parents on 01/22/2024. Despite efforts to locate him, he skillfully evaded both the search team and even managed to run from the local police department.

With the collaborative efforts of friends, family, neighbors, and dedicated volunteers, coupled with the use of a thermal imaging drone...

Emmett's escapade finally came to an end as several ground team members discovered him behind a storage facility.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment of the community, Emmett is now safe and warm. It's truly remarkable what can be achieved when we all come together for a shared cause. 🐾❤️ #CommunityUnity #EmmettFound #AFRSHeroes

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