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Public Safety Neighbors


The teams from Fayette County EMS, Box 65, and the Fayette County Sheriff's Office recently came together for a safety meet and greet event held at the local Home Depot.

The AFRS firefighter drone team stopped by to reconnect with familiar faces and extend a warm handshake to our teams in the area.

In the world of public safety, teamwork and maintaining strong relationships are essential components of success.

Here's a bit more about the remarkable teams we had the pleasure of meeting:

Fayette County EMS: This dedicated team provides vital EMS services across a wide area. Their commitment to serving the community is truly commendable, and they're making a significant impact.

Box 65: A nonprofit organization, Box 65 is a valuable resource for firefighters on the scene. They ensure our first responders are well-fed, hydrated, and supplied with hot coffee during those cold nights. Their support is a fantastic complement to the efforts of many departments in the region.

Fayette County Sheriff's Office: Led by Sheriff Vernon P. Stanforth, this team of dedicated individuals plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety in our region. Their unwavering commitment to protecting and serving our community is deeply appreciated.

In our line of work, building connections and collaborating with such outstanding teams is what makes us all stronger together. Here's to continued teamwork and shared dedication to public safety! 👏🚒🚓 #PublicSafety #CommunityHeroes #Teamwork


AFRS is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to fire, search, and rescue operations.

Our team of certified firefighter drone pilots operates high-end, public safety-grade drones as a shared resource for rural communities in Ohio. We enable these communities to harness the advantages of a professional-grade emergency drone response without the burden of establishing their own drone program.

By partnering with AFRS, communities can elevate their safety plans and enhance their emergency preparedness.

The continued success of AFRS relies on the kindness and support of the general public. Please consider setting up recurring donations of $5, $10, or $20 per month by visiting SUPPORT.AFRS.US. Your contribution helps us make a difference in communities across Ohio. Thank you for your support! 🚁🔥🚑

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