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Pet Rescue and Photo Recognition


From the auxiliary division of AFRS - is proud to make the following announcement.


PetcoLoveLost - Pet Photo Recognition Helps Reunite Pets

FidoTracker has completed another amazing meeting with the PetcoLoveLost team to discuss integration of FidoTracker member pet photos into the PetcoLoveLost database that uses high tech algorithms to match found pets with owners.

This innovative collaboration will allow FidoTracker members to realize another level of protection to help find their missing loved one when they are lost.

The team at FidoTracker is excited about this upcoming collaboration and we are looking forward to providing an extra level of safety for our members.


FidoTracker operates a fleet of public safety grade drones with military like thermal imaging. Where our licensed and insured pilots provide drone based pet rescue services to our members. For just $8.00 a month, FidoTracker members can realize over $600.00 worth of professional pet recovery drone services and discounts from local businesses who support our mission.

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