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Peace officer assist

New Vienna, Ohio

Clinton / Highland County

03/30/2024 @ 21:34

AFRS was honored to assist the State of Ohio Highway Patrol with emergency robotic response.

AFRS Incident notes:

21:34 - AFRS received OSP request to assist with locating a suspect who fled from a vehicle chase in the New Vienna Ohio area.

21:34 - AFRS confirmed flight weather and FAA clearance.

21:35 - AFRS 4105 in route to scene.

21:36 - AFRS 4106 in route to scene.

22:03 - AFRS in the area.

22:06 - AFRS contacts scene command.

22:08 - AFRS 4105 in the air.

22:14 - AFRS 4106 in the air.

Shortly after arrival, AFRS licensed pilots performed preflight checks and launched high end public safety grade drones. Quickly scanning the woods, fields, and neighboring properties with high resolution thermal imaging.

Below is a video snippet of our deployment and how AFRS public safety robotics assist Ohio agencies with fire/search/rescue capabilities.

Public Reminders:

1 - It is a federal crime to take a drone out of the air. Even if they are at low altitudes above your property. (please don't do it)

2 - It is a federal crime to assault or disturb a drone pilot while they are operating an aircraft. If you see our pilots out - They are firefighters and official FAA pilots serving your community - Please be kind.

3 - If your community would like a demonstration of our thermal imaging drones - We are happy to meet with your group and showcase how we protect your privacy while flying near your property for fire/search/rescue matters.


This is a great example of inter-agency team work and using available resources to accomplish a common mission.


AFRS is a nonprofit fire/search/rescue organization operating under the authority of ORC 9.60. AFRS is authorized to provide shared emergency services to any government agency in Ohio.

In addition, AFRS is also a registered FEMA disaster services provider for large scale events that may impact your Ohio community.

AFRS is primarily funded by private donors - Those interested in supporting our mission through one time donations or ongoing corporate sponsorship should visit the donations section of our website at or phone us at 614-642-4900 option 2 (admin).

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