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Missing Person Search


Leesburg, OH

AFRS was honored to assist a regional family with searching for their missing loved one.

Upon receiving the call for assistance, AFRS sprang into action, swiftly identifying 47 potential search locations along the planned driving route of the missing person. This meticulous approach aimed to locate any potential areas where a vehicle might have veered off the road and remained unnoticed.

Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging drones operated by AFRS firefighter pilots, the team conducted a thorough search of the identified locations. The public safety-grade drone technology enabled them to detect heat signatures even in challenging conditions, significantly enhancing their search capabilities.

Fortunately, midway through the mission, AFRS received the relieving news that the missing loved one had been found safe and was already back home.

To provide the public with insights into their operations, AFRS has compiled a condensed 17-minute video clip showcasing the highlights of the 3-hour search. This footage demonstrates the invaluable benefits of AFRS technology for your community. Where we enhance public safety operations and take care of community needs through public outreach (missing persons, pets, etc).

AFRS holds authorization to offer shared emergency services to state and local government agencies within Ohio and is also registered as a FEMA disaster services provider. As a public charity operating as a fire/search/rescue organization... AFRS currently relies solely on the generosity of private donors to keep our services alive. The dedication of their volunteer firefighter drone pilots has enabled them to extend their life-saving services to over half a million Ohio residents. Since many communities do not have a drone program due to cost and legal complexities... A family such as this would have had to pay a private "for profit" company approximately $1,8000 dollars for hourly rates or 300 dollars per individual area searched. Where the later could result in a bill of approximately $14,100 dollars!

Thankfully... AFRS cares about our community and provides our services to those in need by simply asking for a donation.

It is the love and support of the community that keeps our amazing services alive for others!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support AFRS in their mission by visiting

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