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Firefighter + Drone = Reunited Pet

01/20/2024 Waynesville, OH

In the midst of freezing temperatures gripping our region, the urgency to locate a lost dog became a vital mission. Picture this scenario: a dog missing for almost 24 hours, a predator-rich environment, and temperatures plummeting to 4°F with wind chill. The Rescue Mission: AFRS stepped up by deploying one of our skilled firefighter drone pilots to aid the family in rescuing their cherished four-legged companion. Equipped with public safety grade drones featuring thermal imaging, our team successfully located the animal in the darkness of the night, guiding the ground crew along the way. Community: Family members, neighbors, and the community rallied together to bring the dog to safety, sparing it from the harsh cold. This collective effort showcased the strength of unity in safeguarding our furry friends. VIDEO INFO Edited to showcase thermal imaging, tracking skills, and how neighbors helped facilitate a rescue by leaving their garage doors ajar.

AFRS Firefighter Drone Pilots:

Our drone pilots, authorized for emergency services, play a crucial role in supporting Federal, State, and Local government agencies. Recognizing that not all pet owners have access to high-end drones and the necessary training, licensing, and insurance, our initiative not only rescues animals but also keeps our pilots' search and rescue skills sharp for human emergencies.

Community Support:

None of this would be possible without the generous financial support of the community and our corporate sponsors. A special mention to our recent sponsor, Tire Discounters, for helping us maintain operational vehicles at any of their 190+ locations.

How You Can Contribute:

To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor or making a small monthly donation, click the DONATE button on our website. Your support ensures the continuation of our life-saving missions for humans and our four legged companions.

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