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Elusive Watson

AFRS received a call from a concerned citizen regarding their missing elderly dog, Watson.

AFRS firefighter pilots were quick to respond, arriving within 30 minutes and rapidly launching our thermal imaging public safety grade drone to help find the missing loved one.

This quick response time is possible due to our emergency services coverage, offering 24/7 assistance within our service area.

Our initial search only found deer, squirrels, and birds—everything but a dog. We got very excited when we saw a couple of animals curled up in a ball, but those turned out to be foxes and coyotes. :(

Since we didn't have any pending emergency calls, we stuck with the owner and flew until nightfall set in. After nearly 4 hours of flights, we had to walk away, telling the dog owner to call us back if they received a confirmed sighting, and we would come back out.

Amazingly, right after we left, Watson showed up on the doorstep of the owner's home.

We can say for sure that he was NOT out in the wild. But we are thankful he found his way home!

We also learned that the person we were serving runs a local farm! So be a good neighbor and visit their business sometime!


AFRS is a nonprofit fire/search/rescue organization authorized to provide emergency services to the government. During our downtime, we engage in community outreach within the pet community to keep our search and rescue skills fresh—an amazing amenity for the public.

Our operations are currently funded by private and corporate donors. The monetary support from the community is what keeps our exceptional services alive! Consider signing up for recurring monthly donation today. All donations are tax-deductible.

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