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Drone Services



AFRS provides certified FIRE/FAA/FEMA pilots to augment your winning team.

We respond, launch, and feed your incident command vital information they need to make informed decisions about your operation.

Our public safety grade drones can operate in extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, freezing temps).

Fire Ground Safety


  • Eye in the sky allows your team to quickly identify ground threats night or day

  • Pinpoint temperature measurements allows AFRS to evaluate exposure risks

  • AFRS thermal punches through smoke to identify heat threats

  • Live streaming of unique scenes to remote experts (hazmat, derailments, etc)


  • Air analysis of ground operations improves training
  • Cloud storage allows staff to review on-site or remote

  • Efficiency of operations is easily evaluated from cloud storage

Fire Prevention/Detection

  • Onboard laser pinpointing can quickly identify the exact coordinates of unauthorized open burns
  • Long distance visual capabilities can identify community fire hazards

  • Intelligence about community fire hazards can lead to "teachable moments" to encourage safety VS  regulatory enforcement


  • Our high resolution thermal can quickly identify lost persons in wooded areas as well as roadway ejections
  • 3D terrain mapping (night/day) allows evaluation before sending in equipment or personnel

  • We can easily update old satellite maps with current view with higher resolution


  • Long range cameras allow placard reading from a distance (warm/cold zone)
  • Labeling on containers or railcars can be read at great distances

  • Plumes or ground based clustering of gas can be spotted from great distances

FEMA Pre-Planning

  • Pre incident scene mapping allows your team to have updated air mapping VS stale satellite maps
  • AFRS will participate in your mock training exercises to help scene integration

Fire Inspection/Investigation

  • All video is stamped with coordinates, aircraft ID, and other relevant information for investigative needs
  • Measurements and distance can be done through our cloud based tools

  • Our pilots are certified FIRE/FEMA/FAA - This maintains compliance

  • Chain of custody maintained by serial numbered SD card footage


AFRS provides certified FIRE/FAA/FEMA pilots to augment your winning team.

We respond and launch to any situation where your team believes you will require advanced fire services.


In short... AFRS will assist your peace officers with any task where you would normally summon a fire department.

Chain of custody is maintained by the peace officer in charge taking possession of our SD card directly from the aircraft.  

Examples where AFRS would assist are:

Lost Persons

  • Locating lost suspects in wooded, commercial, residential areas

  • Locating elderly or persons suffering from mental disabilities

  • Bail outs where suspects have fled and a search is required

Active Scenes

  • Barricaded suspects

  • Active shooters

  • Suspicious packages


AFRS provides certified FIRE/FAA/FEMA pilots to augment your winning team.   AFRS maintains staff that are cross trained by DHS on various infrastructure needs.

AFRS is authorized to provide services related to protection of our national infrastructure.   This includes water ways, water works, utilities, and roadways.

Examples where AFRS would assist are:


  • AFRS can perform large scale 2D/3D mapping of your community

  • Terrain mapping allows your team to realize dynamic mapping abilities

  • Our aircraft are dual RTK capable and linked with the state.  Providing centimeter accuracy

  • Our cloud based tools allow your team to perform close to life measurements for planning needs


  • Our thermal cameras have the ability to detect potholes before they impact travelers

  • Our high resolution cameras can easily capture pictures or video your engineers may require


  • AFRS high resolution mapping and video abilities allow amazing analysis of water

  • Easily identify creeks and newly formed waterways

  • Identify runoff and erosion

  • Identify blocked waterways


  • AFRS high resolution cameras allow temperature analysis of utility components

  • Facilities can easily be viewed (towers, valves, remote equipment)

  • Thermal abilities allow you to spot equipment operating out of specification


AFRS believes in helping the public with their needs.

As long as time permits and we are not on an emergency call - We will schedule public outreach.

AFRS does NOT charge for public relations/outreach tasks.


Examples where AFRS would assist are:

Lost Pets

  • Is your loving family dog missing?   We may be able to help.

  • AFRS amazing thermal and camera abilities allows us to locate lost pets in some circumstances.

  • We work in conjunction with your ground team to provide you the exact coordinates of the lost pet if found.

Missing Livestock

  • Similar to pets, if your livestock has wondered away... We may be able to help.


  • AFRS will provide public demonstrations of our emergency robotic abilities to your students.

  • AFRS will share with your students what it's like being a fire pilot and the training required.

Large Events/Security

  • AFRS will consider providing air support for your large event.

  • We can stay in the air constantly with brief changes of batteries and safety inspections.

  • AFRS will allow your peace officer or security team to review our live video feeds so they can determine risks or threats

All requests for public relations should be phoned in to 614.642.4900 (admin option).   

The officer on duty has complete discretion to accept or decline based on our availability or commitments.   

All emergency runs take precedence over public relations work and pilots may have to leave at a moments notice.

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