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Why Choose AFRS?

AFRS is authorized to provide emergency drone services to Federal, State, Local agencies, and national infrastructure within Ohio. Insured by VFIS, our certified firefighter drone pilots enhance public safety plans. By leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, your team can focus on the task at hand and leave the air support up to us.

State Wide Operations

AFRS goal is to standardize emergency drone response across the state of Ohio. Our current coverage area encompasses over 1/2 million Ohio residents around the Clinton and Highland county areas and portions of surrounding counties.(See map)

Comprehensive Shared Services

By partnering with AFRS, communities benefit from our expertise in emergency robotics and leverage our training from DHS and our experience in drone operations and emergency scenes. Our leadership has been trained on topics related to: drone operations, counter drone terrorism, cyber security, bombing prevention, and more.​ We handle all aspects of emergency robotics, including the technology, specialized insurance, staffing, aircraft maintenance, and other operational matters. This allows your team to focus on what they know best while leaving the emergency robotic worries to us.

Structure fire near wooded area
United States Flag Waiving
Chemical Fire - Rural area
Tornado After Effects


Our Mission

Is to bring professional shared emergency robotic services to Ohio communities.   We allow your team to focus on the task at hand while AFRS takes care of the emergency robotic operations.

By leveraging shared emergency robotic services, your community safety leaders simply call a phone number VS that of navigating the complex regulatory, insurance, liability concerns, and excessive costs associated with operating an internal drone program.

Certified Public Safety

Our emergency response team consistent of certified Ohio firefighters who are also FAA licensed pilots.  Our training spans a wide diversity of public safety and homeland security matters.

1/2 Million+ Served

As we continue to expand our coverage areas throughout the state, we currently serve over 900,000 Ohio residents across many different counties.   


dhs seal
ohio seal

AFRS is authorized by law to provide emergency services to any Ohio government agency pursuant to ORC.9.60.  (See our current coverage area)


In addition, AFRS is also a registered FEMA disaster response organization.

AFRS legal classification as a public charity fire/search/rescue  organization also allows us to further scientific discovery, education, and conduct other activities related to public welfare or public safety needs.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Whether it's a hazardous area where first responders can't enter, wildfires endangering inhabited regions, or the aftermath of a destructive tornado, our shared emergency services enhance your existing public safety team within our coverage areas.

Robust and Resilient

Our public safety grade robotics are designed to excel in adverse conditions, from rain to snow and beyond.   In addition to the amazing drone capabilities, our public safety vehicles have self-healing internet technology, public safety data carriers (FIrstnet), MARCS radio, and alternative state wide public safety grade communication allows reliable connectivity in the face of most infrastructure outages.

Our Board of Directors

By leveraging shared services from AFRS you benefit from the shared knowledge of our board of directors.   Where our bylaws require all board members to be active/retired fire, ems, peace officers, military, or actively employed by a component of our national infrastructure.


ncbrt seal
cdp seal
dhs seal
jko seal
cisa seal

AFRS leadership team maintain a wealth of certifications from Homeland Security and related organizations.


This training spans drone operations, counter drone terrorism, bombing prevention, incident command, and much more.


This extensive training allows our team to navigate the complex technologies of emergency robotics and easily integrate with your community safety team.

Extended Operation, Minimal Hassle

Our public safety vehicles boast an impressive capability to remain on scene for up to three consecutive days without the need for refueling. They also recharge all essential electronics, ensuring uninterrupted support throughout the duration of your emergency.

Comprehensive Coverage and Confidence

Rest assured knowing that AFRS is fully insured by VFIS, where each public safety-grade drone is covered by its unique serial number. This ensures that your agency receives the peace of mind knowing that all operations are properly covered.

A Trusted Partner in Emergency Services

AFRS operates strictly within the boundaries of the law, enabling us to extend our services to all levels of government – Federal, State, and Local -- (Ohio boundaries) – as well as critical components of our national infrastructure during emergencies.


Injured person in woods example

This video highlights how our firefighter drone pilots can locate missing persons in wooded areas.

Officer Safety Example:

This video demonstrates the benefits of urban operations and increasing officer safety by identifying hidden objects and persons.

Fleeing Suspect & Lost Hikers:

This clip showcases how persons in wooded areas are easy found.

Brush & Wildfire Example:

This video showcases how embers are starting new fires at great distances from the primary fire.

In this case, ground crews are blinded by the original fire and can not see the countless new fires that are brewing.

Missing Person - Wide Area Search:

This condensed video showcases how drive route mapping of possible crash locations and searching hard to see locations can prove or disprove the whereabouts of a missing persons vehicle.


Contact Us Today!

Say goodbye to the hassle of starting your own drone program.

Contact us to effortlessly integrate AFRS into your agency's safety strategies. Benefit from standardized equipment, training, policies, and cost savings with our shared services approach.

AFRS integrates seamlessly with MARCS radios, firstnet data, certified pilots, and an experienced leadership team that knows public safety and the technology we need to be successful for the communities who depend on us.

Sponsors / Partnerships


Loving children embrace
Three men posing in field

Our Community Services

When our volunteer staff are not handling emergency calls, we believe in helping out the community with various needs that would benefit from our amazing equipment and skilled firefighter pilots.

These amazing services are only possible through the love and support of our community who sponsor our public outreach services.   ( Donate Today   |  Our Sponsors )

Below are some of the situations we help with:

  • Animal Rescues (see

  • Farmers and livestock

  • School demonstrations

  • Firefighter PTSD career opportunities

  • Public demonstrations and meet N greets

To learn more, checkout our community section.

Current Raffles

No events at the moment


Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation to AFRS FD
Firefighters in action


YOU MATTER! Join AFRS and Make a Difference ​ At AFRS, we believe that many hands make light work, and your talents and wisdom can help us provide amazing emergency services to those in need. ​ We take pride in offering remote-friendly opportunities, respecting the time you dedicate to others. In many cases, you can volunteer from the comfort of your home. ​ Please note that all volunteers are subject to background checks and license verification where applicable.   Interested persons should send their resume and cover letter to ​ ​ Current Volunteer Positions Available: ​ BOARD MEMBERS Our bylaws require all board members to have active/retired experience in Fire, EMS, peace officers, military, or be actively employed by a national infrastructure organization (hospital, transportation, utilities, etc). ​ Board members should be able to: Effectively communicate Work remotely Participate in committees Promote AFRS Attend monthly meetings (remotely) ​ Board members can expect: Regular email communication Attendance at monthly online board meetings Acting in the best interest of AFRS Occasional attendance at functions or group meetings with AFRS customers/vendors Minimum term of office: 3 years The ideal candidate for this position would have prior board experience and uphold high moral standards. FIREFIGHTERS AFRS relies on Ohio certified firefighters to operate our public safety grade drones. Fire pilots should be able to: Perform regular firefighter duties.  - Waivers may be possible in some cases Work remotely without direct supervision Attend monthly meetings (remotely) Operate electronic devices and computers Hold an active Fire 1/2 certification Hold or obtain an FAA 107 pilot's license with night ops certification Have a clean driving record and valid driver's license Function in high-stress environments and dynamic situations ​ Fire pilots can expect: 12-hour shifts (0600-1800 or 1800-0600) No more than 36 hours of volunteer/work per week Exposure to elements and dynamic situations Rewarding training and experiences Life insurance and LOD benefits Disability/injury benefits Remote-friendly environment in many cases Leadership buy-in and genuine appreciation Live drone prophecy test ​ The ideal candidate for this position would be a certified firefighter who holds a FAA 107 license and NFPA 2400 training. ​ Considerations will be made to train up the right candidates to become drone pilots and obtain their NFPA 2400 training. ​ Candidates should also be passionate about their community and eager to learn new technologies that enhance public safety. ​ ​ DISPATCHERS AFRS recognizes the vital role that dispatchers play in our success. They are the "voice" that enables amazing things to happen within our organization. ​ AFRS dispatchers have the ability to work from home anywhere in the United States. ​ Dispatchers should be able to: Effectively communicate via voice, text, and email Have moderate or advanced computer skills Work alone and unsupervised without micro-management Adhere to policies and procedures Provide a stable/reliable internet connection from home Provide a stable/reliable Windows PC, Chromebook, or Android tablet Maintain a quiet background when handling telephone or radio activities Utilize web-based tools such as Google Maps, Open Maps, weather apps, chat, video conference, and others ​ Dispatchers can expect: Flexible shifts that suit your availability No more than 36 hours per week Fast-paced and rewarding environment Communicating with other government agencies on recorded lines Remote-friendly environment for anyone based in the US Leadership that truly values your contributions Making a difference in others' lives and enhancing community safety Regular training and one-on-one mentoring ​ Ideal candidates for this position include individuals passionate about serving the public and eager to learn new skills. ​ ​ SOCIAL MEDIA / VIDEO EDITING AFRS's emergency robotics capture a vast amount of data, including photos and videos that may need to be processed for marketing, fundraising, and training purposes. ​ This remote-friendly position is open to volunteers anywhere in the United States. ​ Social media volunteers should be able to: Perform post-processing of video content Interact with various social media platforms (TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) Process messages and respond professionally Review statistical data from each social media platform and relay trends to leadership Create slideshows or collections for gallery display or training purposes Resize, edit, crop, and alter images and video Attend monthly membership meetings Accomplish tasks without direct supervision ​ Social media volunteers can expect: Flexible schedules that fit your life No more than 36 hours per week Team environment Remote-friendly - Work from home ​ Interested persons should send their resume and cover letter to

Firefighter outside structure fire
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