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Peace officer assist


Wilmington, Ohio

AFRS was requested to assist local agencies with a situation.

While reviewing the legalities for the flight, the AFRS pilot quickly identified a concern regarding the safety of national airspace and took the proactive steps to address these concerns should the emergency scene expand it's current boundaries.

After a few quick steps AFRS was able to ensure the safety of national airspace while still providing a rapid response time to the requesting agency. 03:33 - Dispatched

03:43 - Coordinated safe flight operations with other agencies and notified the requestor of AFRS that we were good to fly and provided arrival ETA.

03:57 - On scene and speaking with OIC.

04:00 - In the air and working the scene.

This is a prime example of how AFRS benefits organizations that required emergency drone services. Our background in emergency management and drones enables us to rapidly provide safe and reliable emergency services.

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