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Next generation of drone pilots


Adams County, Ohio

AFRS is honored to be invited to present to our next generation of drone pilots at the Ohio Valley Career Center this coming week.

AFRS Chief Todd May will be providing the students an overview of public safety drone operations, coding examples, and sharing career opportunities the students can expect in the field of public safety robotics.

Our team is thrilled to interact with the next generation and create the foundation for tomorrows future!

We are also looking forward to 2025 after our talks with the amazing team at Butler Tech!

Let's keep the energy going! :) If your school would like a demonstration of AFRS public safety robotics, please email us at


AFRS is a nonprofit public charity operating as a fire/search/rescue organization that specializes in emergency robotic response in Ohio.

Your donations keep our services alive! Come join the ranks of our other sponsors today!

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