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Highland County, OH

In a dynamic meeting this morning, our team engaged with community leaders to discuss the unparalleled services that AFRS offers to government agencies across the State.

Communities opting for shared emergency drone response through AFRS are making a strategic move to enhance safety offerings while demonstrating fiscal responsibility. It's a win-win that prioritizes both community well-being and taxpayer interests.

Excitingly, this is just the beginning! AFRS eagerly anticipates more discussions with regional government offices, eager to showcase how our services can seamlessly integrate and elevate their safety plans.


AFRS, born from a groundbreaking master's thesis, has evolved into Ohio's premier emergency drone response service. Our origin story stems from demonstrating how one Ohio county could save a substantial $1.5 million annually through shared drone services.

Authorized under state law, AFRS specializes in providing fire protection/detection and search/rescue services, setting us apart as leaders in Ohio's emergency drone landscape.

Supporting our mission is easy - consider making a tax-deductible donation online at AFRS.US. Every contribution aids in furthering our commitment to safety and community service.

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