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93.3 The Star - Faith Radio


Warren County Ohio

Waynesville Fall Festival


AFRS was blessed with having 93.3 as our neighbor today at the Waynesville Fall Festival.

It's amazing that they elected to setup right next to the AFRS booth.

AFRS had a great day sharing the importance of robotic emergency services with the folks attending the festival activities.


AFRS is incorporated as a private fire company. We provide emergency robotic services to augment your existing public safety team.

AFRS utilizes certified FIRE/EMS/FAA pilots to operate our emergency robotic equipment.

We embrace first responders who are struggling with the after effects of the job. If you're in the fire service and need a break from the hands on .. Give us a call and we will help you become a FAA licensed pilot.

AFRS is a 501c3 organization. Donations are accepted at SUPPORT.AFRS.US

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