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AFRS Drives into a New Era with Tire Discounters

AFRS Drives into a New Era with Tire Discounters: A Partnership of Service and Support

Wilmington, OH - January 16, 2024

AFRS is thrilled to unveil its dynamic partnership with Tire Discounters, a 100% family-owned business originating from Ohio, now thriving with over 190 stores across multiple states.

As AFRS extends its emergency drone services coverage throughout Ohio, this collaboration ensures seamless access to vehicle maintenance and urgent fleet services at any of Tire Discounters' 190+ stores.

Beyond convenient service access, Tire Discounters has made a substantial contribution to AFRS, significantly improving the longevity of our vehicle service life. This infusion of support plays a pivotal role as AFRS continues its mission to enhance emergency drone services and community safety throughout Ohio.

Founded on principles of unwavering dedication and top-notch customer service, Tire Discounters has evolved beyond its role as a tire provider, becoming an indispensable resource within our communities.

The AFRS leadership team is not only eager but profoundly grateful for the opportunity to welcome Tire Discounters as a new donor. The anticipation of a lasting and prosperous relationship with this outstanding team fills us with excitement.

To the Wood Family & Team – Your invaluable support is a cornerstone in our journey of excellence and community impact. We extend our heartfelt thanks for enhancing our organization and helping us provide shared emergency services within Ohio.

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About AFRS:

AFRS, comprised of dedicated firefighter drone pilots, stands at the forefront of providing crucial emergency drone services to government agencies. These extraordinary firefighter drone pilots generously contribute their time and expertise to operate high-quality public safety-grade drones, fostering community safety.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, AFRS is authorized to provide emergency/disaster services to Federal, State, and Local government agencies. Additionally, AFRS is recognized as a FEMA disaster services provider, solidifying its commitment to large scale emergency response efforts.

Founded in Clinton County, Ohio, AFRS is on a mission to deliver emergency robotic services to municipalities across Ohio through a shared emergency service approach. This innovative model not only alleviates the complexities of maintaining an internal drone program for municipalities but also leads to substantial cost savings for community taxpayers.

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