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Wilmington, OH

Empowering the Next Generation: AFRS at Clinton Massie High School

AFRS took pride in sharing insights into the exciting career opportunities in public safety robotics and drone development with the students at Clinton Massie High School.

Our distinguished speaker brings a unique background, blending expertise in aerospace drone software development with hands-on experience in firefighting, emergency medical services, homeland security training, counter-drone terrorism, public safety drone operations, emergency management, and aeromedical drone ops.

This exceptional combination of corporate life and public safety equips AFRS to offer students a one-of-a-kind perspective into the world of emergency robotics.

During the presentation, students discovered:

AFRS as a Shared Emergency Service: Understanding how AFRS operates as a shared emergency service, lowering the burdens on government and saving tax dollars.

FAA Unmanned Pilots License: Insight into obtaining an FAA unmanned pilots license for under $200.

Programming Against Drones: Guidance on getting started in programming against drones, positioning themselves for a successful career in computer programming.

Roles in Drone Development: Exploring various roles in drone development and anticipating salaries for each role.

AFRS is honored to contribute to the training of our next generation. This presentation at Clinton Massie marks AFRS's fourth educational speaking engagement in recent months, joining other notable institutions such as Ohio Valley Career & Technical Center, Lynchburg High School, and Butler Tech.

If your school or homeschool group is interested in having AFRS present and provide a live demonstration, please contact us at: 614-642-4900 Option 2 or email us at

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